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This page outlines our full service design process in more detail.

Full service interior design is done in 4 phases:
1. In-Person Consultation
2. Concept
3. Design
4. Implementation​


If my work feels like the right fit for you and your budget, you’ll find a link at the end of this guide to kick off the design process with a free 15-minute vision session.


The consultation is the very first step in the design process. Before we can do any work, we’ll kick things off with this 2-hour “mini-design session" where we'll dream up ideas and think through a design plan. Bring all your ideas and questions!

I'll take detailed notes while we explore these key questions:

  • What is the vision we're working to realize?

  • What are the functional needs your space needs to serve?

  • What kind of investment are you looking to make?


This will be the jumping off point to begin work on our project. Within a few days, you’ll receive a customized proposal and estimate for my design work your project.



The Concept is the second step in the Design Process. We’ll
start with a “Deep Dive” interview to understand your lifestyle
needs, budget, and design aesthetic. We’ll also meet with your builder,
contractor, or architect to discuss the project goals.

At the end of the Concept Phase, you will receive:

  • Site Survey:

    • I'll take photos and detailed dimensions, as well as inventory existing furnishings and offer suggestions on what should stay. For new construction or remodels in progress, we will conduct  thorough drawing reviews and provide considerations for changes.

  • Project Summary:

    • A visual narrative of the overall goals of the project.

  • Mood Board:

    • A visual representation of the project's overall look and vibe that will guide us as we make design decisions.

  • Preliminary Floor Plan:

    • We’ll offer layout options, including furnishings, so we can start building a sense of how the spaces will flow and what arrangement will be the most functional and aesthetically aligned.

  • Preliminary Budget:

    • Itemization of your wish list with pricing estimate based on your quality expectations.



Once we're aligned on the overall look and feel of your project and we’ve decided on floorplans that outline how your space will function, we’ll dive into sourcing, finalizing drawings, and honing the budget. In this phase we'll cover all the details, including materials, pricing, dimensions, and durability.

  • Trade Day:

    • We’ll meet one-on-one with any necessary trades people (i.e. painters, wallpaper installers, etc.) to go over the design ideas so they can provide custom quotes.

  • Sourcing Furnishings & Finishes:

    • We’ll put together all the specifications for your project. This includes flooring, paint, decorative finishes, tile (including grout color), lighting, plumbing fixtures and appliances. We'll also dig into furnishings, art, and accessories. We’ll use your quality expectations, durability, appropriateness of materials, and style to source the best options for your space.

  • Drawings:

    • We’ll finalize all drawings which may include floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, furniture arrangements, lighting plans, and custom built-ins.

  • Proposed Budget:

    • I'll organize all the quotes from the trades people and vendors to present you an actual budget based on your wish list. 


At the end of the Design Phase, we will present everything to you at once so you can see how it will all work together and what a realistic investment looks like and we will discuss any revisions at this time.



This is the last phase but there is still a lot of work to do! If your project is a major renovation or new construction project, we’ll remain available as needed to communicate with your architect, builder, and/or contractor.

While construction is happening, I'll oversee the procurement of all
your furnishings. I'll handle all the details (and hiccups) so you don’t have
to. When it’s time, I'll have all your furnishings delivered and installed within one to three days, depending on the size of the project.


  • Revisions:

    • After the design presentation we make any revisions based on your feedback.

  • Refine the Budget:

    • Sometimes your dream wish list and your budge aren’t in alignment. We’ll help you determine the best options without sacrificing the integrity of the project. Options include:

      • Phase-in aspects of the design over time

      • Value Engineer aspects of the project

      • Adjust your original budget to match the actual budget

  • Construction Begins:

    • Either with your building professional or ours, we’ll kick off the project with a whole team meeting to ensure we are all on the same page. We remain in communication for the duration of the project.

  • Procurement:

    • I'll order, track, and store all furnishings. When the last item has arrived, I'll arrange for your Installation Day.

    • Installation Day consists of white-glove delivery for all your furnishings. This means they'll be handled carefully, delivered to their designated room, unwrapped, and all wrapping/packaging removed.

  • Punch List:

    • Once everything is in place, we’ll do a walk-through to
      identify any deficiencies that need to be handled. 

READY TO get started?

Kick off our design process with your free 15-minute vision session! This is when I'll answer any of your remaining questions and we'll begin envisioning your dream project together. Book your free 15-minute vision session here.

I can’t wait to create together and look forward to connecting soon.

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