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If we see no love in the world, we'll build a new one.
We'll give it walls and furnish it with soft interiors.
We'll build it from the inside out.


I believe there is an interior world residing inside each of us, a unique world that seeks to be expressed. As Emma Jung phrased it, "an inner wholeness that presses its still unfulfilled claims upon us."


My work as your designer is to discover your interior world and bring it into reality, to build a home out of it.


From your initial consult to execution, reflecting your interior world in your interior design will be our north star.

I can't wait to work with you.

Selected Portfolio


project 01

This full home redesign is a marriage of modern and imperfect, rustic shapes expressed in earth tones and contrasting textures. Reminiscent of a walk through a meadow filled with trees and tall, bright grass, this project was built to ground and enliven at the same time.

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project 02

This full home design was inspired by organic materials and shapes with the contrast of postmodern nonconformity. Distinguished by an eclectic marriage of nature and surprises of shining chrome, this home encapsulates sophisticated whimsy.

project 03

This office renovation was inspired by the client's home country, Brazil. We incorporated bright, colorful patterns, lush plants, and wood textures. The gallery wall was built from the client's collection, from their own paintings to images of Orishas, intended to make the office feel like a home away from home.

project 04

This full home redesign was inspired by the word "wild," defined as "in a natural state, untamed, undomesticated, uncontrolled." We drew on this concept in everything from the seven colors decorating the walls to the eclectic patterns and artwork. Wild with a touch of glam.